About Redders Pet Care

Redders Pet care was founded by pet lover Lynn Redikin. Lynn has been looking after an array of animals since 2009, following her dream and passion to work and care for animals.

About Redders Pet Care

Redders Pet Care are fully insured, DBS Checked and Narps UK Registered, providing care for our customers’ pets in the stress-free environment of their own home or through our home from home boarding.

While our customers go about their busy lives, we walk their dogs and offer home boarding to cover holiday periods. We provide a pet taxi service for important events like weddings, as well as those unfortunate vet visits.

We provide professional and passionate care for all your pets and whilst most of our services are explained on the site, the list is not exhaustive. Should you have alternative requests, we would be more than happy to discuss these with you.

“We believe that happy animals makes for happy owners”

When the need arises (i.e. exceptionally busy times, sickness etc) all of the ‘home boarding team’ step in to provide back-up for any  additional pet care such as dog walks, cat visits and other pet care.

All photography was done by Darren Paul.